Warehouse Supervisor Job at DHL

Warehouse Supervisor Job at DHL

Warehouse Supervisor Job at DHL

Responsible for planning and coordinating warehouse operations, ensuring timely and quality receipts and issues for beer, spirit, and kegs, and ensuring ring space availability for stocks from production in a safe working environment.

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Key Accountabilities:

  • To manage warehouse space constraints and issues that may stop production while ensuring the quality of services and warehouse keeping are maintained,
  • Interface issues resolution
  • Stocktake postings
  • EAM Management
  • EAM processing supervision
  • Coordinate the Employee Opinion Survey to ensure 100% response from the WMS team and work with the line manager to resolve issues arising therefrom
  • Verification of receiving goods before GRN
  • Manage labor productivity in the shift
  • Manage the FIFO and stocks aging and generate reports
  • Manage Housekeeping and safety as per the KPI.
  • Coordinate and attend operation meetings
  • Coordinate conflicting demands between production, and logistics( sorting, empties demand, and space management glass and barrels demand.
  • Ability to coordinate and supervise a huge volume of stocks in unsecured locations.
  • Supervise empties operation to ensure client needs are met.
  • Must be able to interpret KPIs and develop strategies to ensure these are achieved.
  • Management of Checkers, Forklift drivers, Casuals, shunting drivers, yard marshals, and security personnel
  • Have thorough knowledge and experience in logistics
  • Should be able to implement controls and minimize losses.

Warehouse Supervisor Job at DHL

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Achievement of all KPIs in relation to Inventory Management
  • Internal audit results
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Team member satisfaction
  • Achievement of personal development objectives

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Qualifications, Experience, and Attributes:

  • Divisional Experience-Logistics
  • Functional Experience: Warehouse and Stock management
  • Industries Experience-Beverages (Including reverse logistics)

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Specific Skills/Experience

  • University Degree
  • Profit and Loss management experience
  • Inventory Management
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Team player as well as team leader skills
  • Experience in working within budgetary constraints
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An analytical approach to problem-solving
  • 1-2 years experience of working in inventory environments
  • Process management skills
  • Report-writing skills
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  • Presentation skills: preparation and delivery


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