Warehouse Clerk Job at DHL

Warehouse Clerk Job at DHL

Warehouse Clerk Job at DHL

Receiving, verifying, storing, dispatching, and issuing of goods and materials as per formal procedures (both systemically and manually), with a collective responsibility to provide our clients and their customers with quality service.

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Key Accountabilities:

  • It is our collective responsibility to provide our client and their customer with quality service at all times while seeking continuous improvement
  • Know and adhere to safety rules and regulations on-site
  • Maintain good housekeeping habits in offices and other working areas.
  • Guide employees in various working areas and ensure that they adhere to all safety rules and regulations and other related policies.
  • Ensure accurate receiving and dispatch of stocks received from suppliers as per relevant supporting documents and procedures across WMS, i.e., EAM.
  • Indicate receipt or dispatch dates on all received or dispatched items for purposes of exercising FIFO.
  • Ensure that at all times, stocks in the warehouse are arranged by item, within marked areas, and properly identified by the use of a row identification card or bin card.
  • Perform receiving and dispatch duties as per the agreed SLA with the client to avoid any penalties
  • Reconcile stocks through cycle counts and ensure any variances are reported before the monthly stock take for adjustment
  • Ensure the warehouse is tidy at all times by observing neatness in stock arrangements and removing any unnecessary materials or items from your working area.
  • Report to the supervisor areas that need attention (e.g., the allocation of casuals to clean, etc.) to always keep your working area tidy or any repair work to machines, other equipment, or warehouses.
  • Ensure no damage to stock, FLTs, or other assets on site. Immediate report for any damage to stock FLT or other assets.
  • Always follow all security measures.
  • Ensure the posting of all documents is done accurately and on time, including report submissions.
  • Ensure accurate load verification for all goods loaded.
  • Any other jobs and responsibilities that are given to you by management
  • Ensure accurate receipt and disposal of stocks received from the supplier or client as per relevant documents and procedures.
  • Ensure the timely and accurate dispatch of all dispatches as per the formal procedures, with the aim of achieving DHL’s site objectives.
  • Ensure accurate inventory is maintained by way of correct posting, and ensure all stock count reconciliations are submitted within the set timelines.
  • Always observe safe working practices and adhere to the safety rules and regulations, as well as any related policies.
  • A team player with good public relations and excellent customer management
  • Ensure receipt, dispatch, high-risk stock inventory, and reporting are done as per procedure in a timely, safe, and efficient manner

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General Competencies

  • Be able to build a strong team and provide team members with the direction, resources, and environment needed for work.
  • Be able to build effective working relationships with different groups, e.g. colleagues, suppliers, etc.
  • Should be able to create high-performing teams by attracting and developing people
    should be in a position to utilize resources to exceed customer expectation
  • Should deliver operational results by analyzing and solving problems in a structured way.
  • Should be able to implement change through motivating and influencing others.
  • Must talk and report to the client; attend site meetings when required to do so by the Client or Warehouse Manager

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Key Performance Indicators:

  • Accuracy in receiving materials
  • Accuracy and timely dispatch of goods and issuing of MROs.
  • Stock Reconciliation is done on time, and escalation of any variances is done.
  • Observing the safety rules, regulations, and related policies
  • Compute and file POD reports on receipts.
  • Ensure stocks are keyed into the system accurately and within the agreed-upon time
  • Ensure that all transactions are accurately recorded and documented.
  • Ensure stocks received are in good condition

Warehouse Clerk Job at DHL

Qualifications, Experience, and Attributes:

  • Fluent in English & Swahili in both Written and Spoken
  • A college degree or diploma in business administration, logistics, or Procurement

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Specific Skills/Experience

  • Ability to handle multi-tasks in multi-functional warehouses
  • Good Customer Service Skills
  • Working in a Telecommunication SKU warehouse for a minimum of 3 Years
  • Working in a busy multiple SKU Warehouse for a minimum of 5 years
  • A team player with good relations with customers and public management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, and with minimum supervision
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
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  • Computer literate, spreadsheets and Word documents


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