Well Intervention Supervisor Engineer at PAET

Well Intervention Supervisor Engineer at PAET

Well Intervention Supervisor Engineer at PAET

Job Title: Well Intervention Supervisor / Engineer at PAET
Reports to: Operations Manager

Short Term Contract

PanAfrican Energy Tanzania (PAET) is the leading integrated energy company in Tanzania, developing and supplying natural gas for the power, manufacturing and transportation sectors in the country is looking for Well Intervention Supervisor / Engineer

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A wholly owned subsidiary of Orca Energy Group Inc, PAET has been in the Tanzanian market since 2001 where it has been operating the Songo Songo natural gas field. PanAfrican Energy has a commitment to the development and efficient use of Tanzania’s natural gas resources.

PAET is committed to working with key players to help alleviate Tanzania’s energy shortages and to partner in the development of the country’s energy resources.

PanAfrican Energy is currently hiring a Well Intervention Supervisor / Engineer on a short-term contract to manage well interventions in the Songo Songo gas field, with a specific focus on Coiled Tubing (CT) Operations.

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Well Intervention Supervisor / Engineer at PAET Reporting to the Company’s Operations Manager, the successful candidate will:

  • Write and implement a one-well CT programme.
  • Inspect and approve equipment to deliver the CT programme.
  • Plan and coordinate operations and ensure all materials are safely rigged up, tested and ready for use.
  • Provide technical advice to the crew at the well site.
  • Prepare and deliver comprehensive daily progress reports.
  • Managing storage and inventories of supplies and equipment at the well site.
  • Ensure work is performed in compliance with company service quality, health, and safety.
  • Represent the company throughout project delivery.
  • Provide a detailed end-of-operation report.

Well Intervention Supervisor Engineer at PAET

Key Skills and experience:

  • A recognised expert in coiled tubing operations with a specific focus on thorough tubing interventions for good cleanout, including sand control, and gas lifting into production.
  • Experience in coiled tubing fishing and drilling operations will be an advantage.
  • Ability to supervise onsite activities and manage contractors to deliver cost-effective operations.
  • Experience in service contractor and equipment selection to meet work programme objectives.
  • Manage interfaces with production dept and operator management team to advise on key operational decisions during workovers.
  • Checking of contractor equipment to confirm fit for purpose and ready for use on-site.
  • Well, control qualified for wireline and coiled tubing operations.
  • Engineering qualified with the ability to prepare work programmes and AFEs for workovers.
  • 10+years of specific experience in engineering and supervising coiled tubing operations.

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for Well Intervention Supervisor / Engineer at PAET

If you believe you have the required qualifications, send your application to HR Department or email it to HR@panafricanenergy.com.

This should reach the above address no later than 14th September 2022.

Human Resources Manager
PanAfrican Energy Tanzania Limited
Oyster Plaza, 5th Floor, Haile Selassie Street
PO Box 80139
Dar es Salaam


Website: http://www.panafricanenergy.com/

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