Credit Administration and Recovery Officer Job at PASS Trust

Credit Administration and Recovery Officer Job at PASS Trust

Credit Administration and Recovery Officer Job at PASS Trust

Credit Administration and Recovery Officer 

Full Time

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Reporting to: Risk Management and Quality Assurance Manager

Location: Dar es Salaam

The Credit Guarantee Administration and Recovery Officer have the primary responsibility of monitoring the performance of the credit guaranteed portfolio, reviewing and analysing loan ageing reports from banks, preparing management guarantee portfolio performance reports, managing claims from banks, and following up with banks on recovery from nonperforming guaranteed loans.

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The main responsibilities of the Credit Guarantee Administration and Recovery Officer will be as follows:

1. To receive and review loan ageing reports from banks and identify key findings and areas of improvement.

2. To review and assess the consolidated ageing reports from all partner banks and establish portfolio migration on each quarter. The aim is to assess the performance of each bank and take the best turnaround strategies at the initial stages before the loan turns 91 days past due.

3. Preparation of a Consolidated ageing report for management discussions and based on it recommend amount of provisions for bad and doubtful credit guarantees.

4. Visiting delinquent clients together with the bank and staff from Business Development Unit to identify the weaknesses that led the client to be delinquent and establish causes as lessons learnt for future improvements.

5. Develop a workout strategy/ turnaround strategy which will be shared with respective partner banks for negotiation on the available options which will be used to turn around clients.

6. To receive and review credit guarantee claims from partner banks and establish if it has been submitted in compliance with agreed guarantee claim conditions.

7. To assess claims submitted and ensure all the claims will be paid after being satisfied that, the Bank has taken adequate recovery actions and the claim is supported by documented evidencing such actions.

8. To establish if the securities provided to the bank by the borrower or guarantor(s) have been sold or not.

If the securities have not been sold or blocked by court order, arrange for a joint visit of PASS (Private Agricultural Sector Support) and Bank to the customer with a view to agree on a new repayment arrangement or ask the bank to sell the security before processing the claim.

If the securities have been sold or blocked by Court order or lack buyers, initiate the process to pay the claim.

9. Preparation of memo for recommending approval or rejection

of the credit guarantee claims submitted based on assessments done above.

10. Following up with banks to share recovery proceeds from paid guaranteed loans as per credit guarantee agreement.

11. Liaise with other stakeholders, for example, zonal offices, banks, clients, courts, law firms, auctioneers, debt collectors, government institutions, the Central Bank, and other financial institutions to ensure that the Trust interests are accurately represented and safeguarded.

12. Manage own portfolio of non-performing by developing the best turnaround strategies /recovery strategy for the case of each claim and follow up the implementation of the strategies with partners bank to ensure maximum recoveries are made in line with the business strategy.


At least a bachelor’ Degree in Finance, Finance and Banking Agriculture, Accounting, Economics,

Business Administration, Agricultural Engineering, Rural Development, or related fields from a recognized University.


  • Analytical with the independent position in decision making.
  • At least 3years of proven record of accomplishment as a Credit
  • An analyst with a bank or a credit guarantee fund.
  • Experience and ability to institute proper credit evaluation and effective internal controls.
  • Conversant with the use of Microsoft excel in data analytics, words, and powerpoint.


Technical Competencies:

  • Understanding of moral hazards that can affect the credit guarantee business.
  • Clear and articulate knowledge of risks affecting credit guarantees and lending business.

Behavioural Competencies:

  • Possession of excellent communication and listening skills.
  • Should have an analytical and creative mindset to seek, encourage and find non-traditional approaches to handling challenges.
  • Team player with the ability to collaborate with business units well but without compromising independence.
  • Possession of excellent communication and listening skills.

Credit Administration and Recovery Officer Job at PASS Trust

How to Apply:

PASS Trust is an equal opportunity employer, and the positions are open to all. Qualified candidates should submit a CV and cover letter explaining how their experience will contribute to the requirements of the position.

The CV and cover letter should be sent to jobs@pass.or.tz on or before 31st May 2022.

Website https://pass.or.tz/

Women are strongly encouraged to apply. Only shortlisted will be contacted.

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