Account Manager New Job Opportunity at ZTE Corporation 2021

Account Manager New Job Opportunity at ZTE Corporation 2021

Account Manager New Job Opportunity at ZTE Corporation 2021

Account Manager

ZTE Corporation  

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 


Job Specifications:

The role includes the following key responsibilities;

Customer Relationship

To establish steady relationships with target customers, know the decision-making chain and mechanism of target customers, carry out high-level PR activities, CRM improvement plan, and implementation, to be clear on customer demands.


To meet sales targets, and become the preferred supplier of the strategic partner relations of the targeted carriers and seek opportunities to be on the targeted carriers’ shortlist of suppliers.

Execute relevant framework agreements and make breakthroughs in the targeted market, including, testing, giving away, experiment bureau, bidding process, and contracts for commercial purposes.

Brand Promotion

Fully utilize the internal and external resources to promote brand images in all available platforms and obtain external information and consolidate the internal resources, according to the overall planning of the corporate strategy deployment and ensure that you match the strategy deployment with the market expansion strategy of targeted large customers.

Technical Guidance

To elevate the product brands of the company, knowing the technical background of the company and industry and seize opportunities to organize technology discussions and seminars on a certain scale, showcase and elevate the product brands of our company, and provide technical insights and guidance and look for a market niche

Market information collection

To accurately provide feedback on market information and carry out market information collection and offer feedback and rational suggestions to promote the implementation of project tapping of the local Representative Office, Competitor information, customer demands, and information.

Project Summary

To promote the project implementation of Representative Office and submit to the General Manager and the Manager of the Technology Department the summary on the work on the carriers within their jurisdiction of that month and the working plan of next month and report timely major events.

Account Manager New Job Opportunity at ZTE Corporation 2021

Job Requirements

1. Having 2+ years working experience in the telecom sales industry, and 1+ years sale experience within the top three carriers should be included;

2. Working experience as a Salesperson in the top-listed telecom manufacturers of the world will be prioritizedï¼›

3. Ability to have strategic discussions with High-Level Executives while delivering on short term objectivesï¼›

4. Demonstrated ability to articulate business values and visionï¼›

5. Solution selling experienceï¼›

6. Demonstrated excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skillsï¼›

7. Ability to work in a fast-paced, lean team environment.


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