New Data Entry clerk – Shared Action Africa

Data Entry clerk – Shared Action Africa


Shared Action Africa targets refugee populations and host communities under its integrated family planning project implemented in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Isingiro District in Uganda. The settlement hosts over 130,000 Refuges from Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, and South Sudan.

The project aims at improving access to modern short-term, long-term and permanent family planning methods for and men of reproductive age in Nakivale refugee settlement and host communities in Isingiro district in Uganda. To achieve its objectives, the project will collaborate with, peer agencies, health facilities and community based organizations that provide complementary services (financial and energy) to improve access family planning services by refugee populations and host communities in Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

In consultation with the Project Coordinator, Sexual and Reproductive Health Officer and the M&E Officer, the Data Entry clerk will work with partners including peer agencies, health facilities, community based organizations, and Village Health Teams to transfer data from hard copies to a digital database. Specifically, the position will do the following.


Result 1: Transferring Data from hard copies to a digital database.

• Entering VHT Family Planning data tools into the provided data spreadsheet/tool without altering the spreadsheet/database.
• With support from the M&E, track the monthly complete and incomplete referrals per VHT and correctly enter them in the spreadsheet/database.
• Routinely participate in data collection of monthly Family Planning VHT data
• Scan individual VHT Family planning data following entry into the spreadsheet/database
• Support in the Filing of the data tools following successful scanning and store the files in the organizational archive.
• Identify and document data quality issues that are generated in the field and give feedback to the respective officers.
• Suggest improvements in the spreadsheet/database that can inform better reporting in line with the donor requirements and the organization.
• Observe strict timelines for every activity as shared by the project team
• Attend to each data tool independently without missing any detail
• Ensure maximum confidentiality of the information in the data tools
• Ensure proper handling of the data (papers) and soft copies of the data. Ensure that the integrity of the data is kept all thorough the process of data entry and scanning.

Result 2: Create Spreadsheet to Track Important Client Information and Appointments

• Oversee the collection of client information by VHTs related to client cellphone use and ownership and organize the data into a spreadsheet
• Update FP appointments at the health facilities and send and with the help of the sexual and reproductive health officers send out reminder calls regarding upcoming appointments.

Qualifications for Data Entry Clerk

• University degree.
• 2 years of data entry experience or related office experience.
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly MS Excel and Access
• Strong computer skills.
• Ability to enter data into a computer quickly and accurately.

How to apply

Candidates should send their applications to the Finance and Operations Director not later than 20th November 2020. The address to be used is: info@sharedact.org 

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