Job Opportunities at Lito Group Ltd STRUCTURAL ENGINEER/ PARTNER

Location: Mwanza, Tanzania.
Do you want to take part in a startup company? Read More. Structural Engineer is primarily concerned with designing and constructing buildings and structures that are safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they will be exposed, as well as improving the structural integrity of existing buildings. Structural Engineer will lead Construction Hub under Lito Group and contribute to and support architectural and construction projects. He/ She will support Architect to prepare designs, complete construction documents, write up building plans, and assist in the presentation of materials.

Structural Engineer with other team members in initiating, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating projects under Lito Construction Hub under the CEO. The work is very collaborative.


  • Design structural components for large-scale projects, including analyzing survey reports, topographical maps, zoning restrictions, and client requirements to ensure specifications meet project goals
  • Review blueprints, plans and change orders to verify the structural integrity of materials and designs, and perform complex calculations and use modeling methods to ensure correct results
  • Participate in the initial planning and bidding processes, including reviewing environmental factors, government regulations, constructions costs, and risk analysis reports to prepare a comprehensive study on all relevant design factors
  • Research existing and new material technology to determine practical applications, strength and durability expectations, and cost-benefits information, and prepare material recommendations for current and future projects
  • Create and present structural overviews for upcoming projects, and develop reports that include technical details for engineers as well as big-picture analysis and cost estimates for project managers and senior executives
  • Use AutoCAD and other drafting software programs to create 2D design documents and 3D models for individual components and overall structural plans according to client needs and project requirements for deliverables
  • Prepare documentation for private and government clients covering project plans and progress, change orders, environmental impact findings, ownership transfers, and other relevant information


  • Bachelor’s degree in civil or structural engineering
  • Having registered at CRB and prior internship experience with an engineering firm will be an added advantage
  • Proficient with AutoCAD
  • Decisive with excellent critical thinking skills
  • Good written and verbal communication abilities, including preparing and giving presentations
  • Having experience producing construction documents
  • Customer service oriented
  • Being able to use Microsoft Office
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines

If you are interested please send JUST your CV and copies of relevant registration/ license at info@litogroup.co.tz


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