Best Sample CV For Entry Level Customer Service Job


you a job seeker in Customer Service looking for a sample CV for entry
level Customer Service job you wish to apply for? You need to craft your
CV well to ensure that the recruiter overlooks the fact that you do not
have a lot of experience to give you an upper hand in your application.

Entry level Customer Service jobs will
not put so much weight on your experience as most of them require that
you have up to zero experience. Others will demand you have at least 2
years of experience in customer service.

Even then, there is need that you have a
good CV for an entry level Customer Service job that magnifies on your
suitability for the position advertised. It should illumine on your
internships, any volunteering experience and your career objectives.

So, if you have less than 3 years of
experience in customer service, we have here the best sample CV for an
entry level Customer Service job that you can customize to fit in the
job description on the job you just spotted.

Sample CV For Entry Level Customer Service Job

Job Seeker’s Name
P.O. Box 1234-00200, Nairobi
Tel Number:

E-mail: jobseeker@gmail.com

Profile Summary
I am a dedicated customer service officer,
currently seeking a position in Customer Service field to grow my
skills, with 2 years experience gained through training and practical

Personal Details
Date Of Birth: 1989
Marital Status: Single

Education & Professional Qualifications
Degree in Administration, University of Nairobi (Second Class, Upper Division)
Masomo High School 2005-2008 Grade B (Plain)

Professional Profile

  • Able to stay calm when confronted with angry customers
  • Able to work alone to meet deadlines and obtain results
  • Excellent communication skills focused on understanding customer needs
  • Problem solving skills and a wise decision-maker
  • Excellent planning and organizing and presentation skills
  • Proficient in completing all work according to deadline
  • Detail oriented and flexible

Work Experience

1.Customer Service Representative
XYZ Company (2015 Dec To Date)

Responsibilities included

  • Logging and or completing incidents or requests
  • Provided first level support to our customers
  • Ensured detailed explanations of user incidents and resolutions are entered into the service desk system;
  • Provided feedback to management and clients

2.Client Service Intern
ABC Company (2014 Jan- 2014 July)

Responsibilities included

  • Receiving customer’s calls for
    enquiries, complaints, opinions etc and solve them or direct them to
    relevant departments for solutions
  • Working cooperatively with key team members, clients and vendors

Key Accomplishments

  • Fostered an environment in which guests enjoyed high levels of service
  • Was given a Customer Service Representative job after my internship at company ABC.


  • I am a social blogger
  • I like reading inspirational materials
  • I enjoy traveling and Public speaking

Please feel free to contact the under
mentioned in regard to my competence, work ethic, performance and / or
any other aspect with respect to me:

Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3


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